About Kathleen Kilkenny

11111A graduate of Southern New England School of Law, Kathleen Kilkenny operates her own legal practice, Kilkenny Law Offices, in West Chatham, Massachusetts, where she concentrates on real estate law. Bringing over 10 years of legal experience to her practice, attorney Kathleen Kilkenny represents clients in the Cape Cod/Barnstable County area in various real estate transactions, including purchasing, selling, and leasing. She also handles refinancing, serves as legal counsel for numerous national insurance title firms, and represents regional and nationwide lenders in regard to purchase money mortgages.

Ms. Kilkenny’s extensive knowledge of the Cape Cod area allows her to deliver real estate services at a level one would expect from a larger practice. As she follows a direct approach in dealing with her clients, she answers inquiries to her law office in a timely fashion.

Kathleen Kilkenny established her firm in 2001 and practices along with her husband, an attorney in his own right who specializes in such areas as landlord/tenant law and estate planning.

“Low” Risk Rating Awarded by Secure Settlements.



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