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What One Should Know Before Hiring a Real Estate Attorney

Chatham on Massachusetts’ Cape Cod

Chatham on Massachusetts’ Cape Cod


Attorney Kathleen Kilkenny handles residential real estate cases at her office in Chatham on Massachusetts’ Cape Cod. Kathleen Kilkenny has been awarded a “low” risk rating by Secure Settlement for the excellent quality of her practice. She is committed to providing a personalized, hands-on approach to clients’ cases.

When retaining a real estate attorney, it is imperative to identify the nature of the legal issues one has and the kind of property one owns. An attorney, during an initial consultation, may help identify what the case is and what kind of lawyer you should look for.

As laws may differ in various jurisdictions, it is essential to find an attorney familiar with the law in the jurisdiction where your real property is located. Proximity between lawyer and client, although not necessary, is definitely a plus.

It’s important to ensure the attorney of your choosing has substantial experience in the relevant area of law and is reasonably qualified, with the certificates and recognition to prove it.

Finally, your attorney should be easy to communicate with. You can get a good sense of this through the initial contact and consultation.